Monday, November 15, 2010

My Cycling Stats for the Year (so far)

Even having taken a month and a half off from my cycling because of knee injury, I am almost to my goal of 1000 miles before Jan 1st.  Here are my logged stats on Map My Ride:

Member Since: 07/23/2010
Total Distance: 748.14 mi
Total Burned: 38,050 (kcal)

Green Stats: 
Distance Traveled: 748.14 mi
Gas Saved: 41.56 gallons
Carbon Offset: 804.7 lbs of CO2

It's kind of fun seeing how far I've already come!  I am working toward the Salt Lake Century ride in May (a 100 mile race), and I am really interested in seeing how many miles I can rack up throughout 2011!


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  1. Looking good. Keep at it and you'll be ready for the century in no time.



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