Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tired of Sharing...

There is an idiot out there who has a blog called "Tired of Sharing". This guy goes on in his posts about wanting to attack cyclists and what to do if you are confronted by an angry cyclist (which usually only happens after the driver of the vehicle did something really stupid/dangerous).

Here is my reply to some of his comments:

I cannot believe this is real. If you are really telling people to attack cyclists, then you are possibly one of the biggest idiots I have ever heard of.

And to comment on other posts...  I ride about 300 miles per month, while I drive/have been driven around 50 (last months numbers).  Not everyone falls into your stereotypical statement that "No one rides as much as they drive/are driven".

"It is essentially impossible to compare two activities that share nothing in common" Um, what about the fact that driving (for you), and cycling  (for me) are primary means of transportation?

"If you drive on a road occupied by people on bicycles it is likely you have attacked or wanted to attack the cyclist." Not if you have any common human decency. The simple urge to attack someone because they engage in an activity that you are not fond of is ludicrous. I don't enjoy skiing. Should I go drive a snowmobille up the slopes and try to run them over?

"Get off my roads and stick to the shoulder." YOU don't own the roads, chum. If you look in the lawbooks, you will even find legislation that gives cyclists the right to use them. If you don't like cyclists on the road, then stick to the freeways or stay home.  We're here to stay, and we're growing in numbers.  Deal with it.

There is only one place where we agree. "Share the road share the rules.  Just like if I am seen doing something “wrong” I can be accounted for by my license plates.  Yes, I think bikes that are allowed to ride the roads should be accounted for like motorized vehicles."  I have no problem with that. I think that we cyclists should be held to the laws just like any other motorist.

Now, let's just see if you're too big of a coward to post this comment. 

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Under The Knife

Well, it's been months since I injured my knee, and it's not getting much better.  I have a tear in the lateral (outside edge) meniscus (cartillage pad in the knee joint). I have surgery scheduled on Jan 27th (the day before closing night for Shadow of the King).  Crazy as it is, I plan on doing that show on crutches. Should make dancing and sword fighting interesting!