Saturday, September 18, 2010

I Won!

On one of the cycling-related blogs I read (, they asked for submissions to a "name the photo" contest.

I won!

I will be recieving a DVD called "Nebraska Supersonic".  The story of this film centers around three recent college graduates who majored in French.  They are all slackers to some extent (they don't appear to be able to speak French even though they majored in it) and the plot centers around them trying to find jobs in Nebraska post graduation. 

The three at first go to a temp agency to find jobs and go their separate ways as far as trying to establish an income.  They all fail and later unite and decide to start a bicycle delivery company.  The genre of the film is definitely comedy and the film attempts comedic angles on everything from the jobs they start with, the bikes they ride, the types of products they deliver and who they deliver them to, and the ridiculously low rate charged, even for 120 mile round trip deliveries

It's probably not geared towards my age bracket, but I never win anything, so I am psyched to get it and check it out!  I will post a review here after I see it.


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