Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't Be A Jerk

From Dave Moulton's Bike Blog by Dave Moulton:

Don’t be a jerk
While riding to work
You know it’s not right
To go through a red light
But you think it’s OK
If you act that way

And when you blow a stop
Even though there’s no cop
You give us all a bad name
And we all get the blame
It’s bad for our cause
If you break the laws

All cyclists look bad
And that makes me mad
‘Cos it rubs off on me
I wish you could see
When you buzz someone walking
Even though they are talking

Not paying attention
But perhaps I should mention
On the sidewalk you see
Where you shouldn’t be
You buzz little old ladies
And mothers with babies

Scaring the crap
And not only that
You go the wrong way
Like you do each day
And at one intersection
Looking opposite direction

A car driver waits
And maybe it’s fate
Just as you pass
He steps on the gas
The outcome not good
As you bounce off the hood

You land in the street
And you lay at the feet
Of the little old ladies
And mothers with babies
The ones that you scared
‘Cos you didn’t care

You lay there all broken
And no words are spoken
You can see in their eyes
That they sympathize
They know that you hurt
Even though you’re a jerk

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