Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hit and Run!

Just after I crossed 2700 W. on 4100 S. on my commute home last night, an RC Willey delivery truck passed me.  He didn't give me the 3' clearance required by law, and in fact the side panel of his truck struck my elbow, causing me to lose control of my bike and end up in the gutter. 

I was able to keep from a total wreck, but I wrenched my back pretty good in the process, and I have a small abrasion on my left elbow where the truck bumped me.

I couldn't reach RC Willey corporate offices, but I was able to get the truck number, and filed a report with the West Valley Police.  I am going after that driver, and pressing charges for failure to give adequate passing distance, and hit and run.

I was in a LOT of pain this morning when I woke up, and considered calling in, but I thought "No. I'm not letting this beat me!", and got back on the bike for a quick 5 miles before work.

I am about 10% of my goal of 300 miles in 30 days.  I WILL get there!


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