Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on Cycling Goal

Well, it's been most of a month. I have ridden over 200 miles so far, but am still about 60 miles shy of my 300 mile goal for the month.

It has been WINDY!!!  It has made the rides so much harder, and I have had to take a few days off from riding due to my knee ( I tweaked a muscle ), but I'm back in the saddle again! 

I need to repair or replace my bike. It has been slipping gears, and the chain keeps coming off. It really hurts when that happens during a climb!  Oh, well.  We'll get there.

I found out my endurance has ramped up quite a bit when I was wrestling with a friend on Saturday.  He is heavier than me, and almost got me pinned a couple of times, but then he "ran out of gas", and I won.  I was barely breathing hard, and felt like I could have gone on a lot longer!  I love that!!!

Well, I will pull another 20miles tonight before Tai Chi, on my way to 300 for the month.

Keep on pedaling!

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