Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Back on two wheels!

After 3 weeks healing of a severely bruised patella, I got back on the bike this morning for my ride to work.

By mile 3 I was getting pretty sore, and by mile 4 I was thinking I shouldn't have gone so far the first day back!  When I got to the train station, I did some minor stretches, and kept on my feet to keep the knee from cooling down too much.  The last .8 of a mile from the train to work wasn't too bad.

I am THRILLED with my new wind-resistant bibs!  My legs stayed totally warm, and I didn't feel the bite of the wind through them at all.  I think as it gets colder, I will need to break down and get some shoe covers, though. My ankles were a bit chilled where there is a gap between the bibs and my shoes.

All-in-all, I am just happy to be back on two wheels!


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