Monday, June 13, 2011

My new ride.

I managed to ride enough miles to wear out a second axle on my Mongoose last week. I can't keep putting money into a bike that isn't designed to take the kind of miles I ride.

LeAnn even agreed with me on that (frankly I thought it was going to take a little begging on my part), and so I bought myself a new bike on Friday.

It is a Cannondale hybrid, and it rides well. I have a new Trekking handlebar coming that will give me more hand positions and the ability to go "aero" when I am fighting the wind. They look funny, but I think they will be great!

I also took all of my good components and transferred them to my new bike. She's about 20lbs lighter than my old Mongoose, which is great on the hills!

Here is a picture of my new Cannondale that I took when I got to work this morning:

She's a beauty, isn't she? 

-Papa Bear
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