Monday, March 14, 2011

90.12 Miles

The rehab on my knee is going well. I have ridden 90.12 miles so far this month, and I'm only half-way through the month. My brother-in-law Jeff and his neighbor Dave joined me on my ride to the train this morning. That was fun! I like having someone else along, if just for the motivation it gave me to get out there this morning.  I couldn't just be lazy and say "forget it, I'm driving" when I have two other people waiting on me!

This morning's ride was nice and easy as Dave hasn't been riding much yet, and needs to get into riding mode again. It took about 5 minutes longer to ride, but that's not too bad!

I also have another small injury that I'm dealing with at the same time. I thought I was going to be out again for a while. My grandson Adam left one of his toys on the stairs, and I found it... barefoot... in the dark. I thought I might have broken something with the pain, but the x-rays are negative. The doctor says I pulled a ligament in my foot, and it will hurt for the next 6 weeks or so.

So, my right foot is wrapped in an ace bandage to keep the compression on it. The foot actually hurts LESS when I'm riding than when I'm walking, so that's not too big a problem. Mostly it just affects my work because I'm on my feet most of the day, however, it's not so bad that it keeps me from working.


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