Saturday, March 26, 2011

Benjamin Update 3/26/11

Okay, here's the latest on Ben...

We almost lost him this morning. There was a problem with the ECMO (extracorporeal mechanical oxygenation) access lines. He has severe edema (swelling) and the lines weren't working properly. His oxygen levels kept dropping to dangerous levels, so they had to go in surgically and replace the access.

As you can see from this picture, he is puffed up like a balloon. They are now starting hemofiltration to remove the excess fluid from his blood, and try to get rid of the swelling. 

He is a very sick boy. He has a Strep A infection, and is on 3 different antibiotics. When I was visiting him today, they had ELEVEN different IV pumps infusing medications into him. Here are some pictures of the equipment:

And here are some pictures of all of the tubes and wires going into Ben:

With everything touch and go, Chrissy and Anthony asked us to give him a Name and Blessing (for those of you who are not LDS, a child is given a name and blessing to officially add his name to the records of the church. This also gives the father or other person giving the blessing a chance to bless the child in the name of Jesus Christ. This is a very important thing for those of the LDS faith).  Along with Randy Hainsworth from our bishoprick, Anthony's two grandfathers and myself formed a priesthood circle and I gave Ben his name and blessing.

He's not out of the woods yet, but he's doing better than this morning. Please keep him and our family in your prayers.


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  1. Our heart and prayers are directed toward you all, especially Ben. What a severe trial of anxiety you are going through. I know God is with you.


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