Saturday, May 21, 2011

Century Report

Today was the Cycle Salt Lake Century ride. It started at the Salt Lake County Fairgrounds, went north along the frontage roads, out to Antelope Island and back for a total of 108miles.

The ride was well supported, and I can't say enough about how good the volunteers were.

This is my brother-in-law Jeff, my nephew Ryan, and me.

About 10 miles into the ride, Jeff and I (along with a large group) got caught by a train. We had to wait about 10 minutes for it to go by. There was a loud round of "clicking" as everyone clipped into their pedals and tried to get moving again. What a pain!

Here is a shot of a few riders at the lunch stop. At this point we were 36.8 miles from the start. 

Once we made it past the HORRIBLE causeway out to the island, we began the climb.  This buffalo was just off the side of the road while we were circling the island.

Here's Jeff and Ryan as we made our way around the island. A lot of fun, but it's tough to climb after 60 miles!

Unfortunately, my camera SD card fried, and the shots LeAnn took of us in the last 10 miles and at the finish were lost. :(

I made the 108 miles in 7 hrs and 3 minutes. Not too bad for a guy that's still 50 lbs overweight and riding a 41 lb mountain bike!


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