Monday, May 2, 2011

Total Miles for April

Well, I finished out the month with a 10.3 mile ride with Jeff and Spencer. It was a nice, easy pedal at about 15MPH avg and little wind.

Spence was riding my old 26" Rockhopper, and it was his longest ride to date. He did a great job keeping up.  It was also his first ride using clipless pedals, and he only managed to fall over once when he forgot his feet were now in bindings.  :-)

Once you ride clipless (which is kind of an oxymoron, because the cleat on the bottom of your shoe is clipped into the binding on the pedal), you never want to go back to platforms or toe clips! It makes a huge difference in how much power your pedal stroke transfers to the drive train. Spence was surprized, but really liked them once he learned to clip in/out.

My total mileage for the month of April 2011 is 320 and change.  I am shooting for 400 this month. It shouldn't be a big deal, when you take into account the Century ride I'm doing on the 21st.

These miles are all building up to the MS 150 in June, where I will be doing 150 miles in two days to raise money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.  If you haven't already donated, you can do so here, and help out a great cause!  I have to raise at least $250 for the ride, so every dollar donated helps!

Please donate whatever you can to help out the National MS Society.

-Papa Bear

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