Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stupid Train!

Here is my ride for this morning:

I was stuck for 15 minutes behind a stupid freight train that was stopped in the intersection.  I finally back-tracked and rode south to try to find a way around. I had to ride from 8th south to 13th south to finally get to the end of the train!  That was one loooooooooong train!

There were a bunch of girls on bikes waiting when I showed up, and they said they had been there for almost 15 min before me! I hope they got to work on time!

I have to say though, I was thrilled seeing so many people on bikes commuting to work.

I also had the opportunity because of this detour to find out there is a hill that makes the Escalator look fairly easy! It's on 1300 south between 900 east and 1300 east.  I swear, I felt like I was trying to climb a ladder not a road!  :)

Oh, well. I made it to work a little later than I planned, but I made it!

Keep pedaling!
-Papa Bear

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