Monday, July 25, 2011

TDF Spectators

Did any of you watch the TDF?  I saw parts, and I can't believe how unruly the spectators get! They are constantly running out in the street, reaching over barriers and trying to touch, grab and downright STOP the riders.

Then there are the protestors.  Oh, my.

Here is a clip from a blog I read:

It seems to me that cycle racing and in particular the Tour de France is the chosen spectator sport of the European version of the Red Neck. This loser goes to all the trouble to dress up as a fake doctor; then waits on a mountain top for hours for Contador to come by.
Then he gets in Alberto’s face in some kind of anti-doping protest, and all he gets for his effort is a smack in the gob. Does one brag about that after? ”I got punched in the mouth by Alberto Contador.” Or does one keep quiet and hope no one recognizes you?
Rock on, Alberto!  Punch his freaking lights out!  If I were riding (even on my ride home from work) and some idiot got in my face, I'd clean their clock! I can't believe the people in charge of the TDF let this crap go on!


-Papa Bear

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